District Consolidation Committee

District Consolidation Committee

Chair R:.W:. Robert Hogan

A conversation more than ago leaders of Dutchess, Columbia, and Greene-Ulster Districts began leading to the potential for the three districts to consolidate into at new entity to known as the Mid-Hudson District.  These leaders agreed to bring the concept to members of the past purple associations in each district, then to the Lodges in them.  A possible timeline was advanced, which includes an extended period of dialogue among Brothers, weighing the pros and cons of such an undertaking in each of the Districts and their Lodges then a vote to either support or reject the initiative. The proposal has now been announced in each of the Lodges at the DDGM annual visit.  The next step will be to facilitate the dialogues in each Lodge prior to a vote of the Brothers.

We have established a blog on the Website for members to voice their opinions, concerns, and questions.  To reach it click on “Members” then “District Consolidation.”  To participate Brothers must complete the simple registration procedure.

Determining a viable path for our travels into the future is important for each Brother in the District, and for the successful growth of Masonry in the Mid-Hudson region.  To be successful much work must be completed in order for the approval of Grand Lodge, either in 2018 or 2020.

For further questions, please contact:

R:.W:. Arthur Pritchard
District Deputy, Dutchess District

R:.W:. Robert Hogan