Masonic Table Lodge – Hendrick Hudson Lodge #875 – January 25, 2017


As a Brother-Bring-A-Friend Event across  the Dutchess District, the Master and Brothers of Hendrick Hudson Lodge #875 have volunteered to host a Masonic Table Lodge on January 25th at the Hendrick Hudson Temple, beginning at 6:30 pm.   A beef stew dinner will be shared by participants.

The Table Lodge is a special ceremony. complete with a ritual, which incorporates terminology of centuries ago. It includes toasts, Masonic songs, and a good Masonic speaker. We emphasize “good Masonic speaker,” because no other will do. There is no room for off-color jokes, political or religious propaganda, magicians, or vaudeville artists. The Table Lodge should be a completely separate meeting of the Lodge and not combined with anything, such as Installation of Officers or Degree Work

The ceremonies of conducting a Table Lodge may be traced over two centuries in English Masonry and detailed records exist of their even earlier observances in France. The ancient customs of proposing and drinking toast by our Scottish brethren is recorded during the reign of King James the First of Scotland in 1430.

The traditional Masonic way to create warmth is to call the lodge “from labor to refreshment” in order for the Brethren to hold a table lodge. Good fellowship and brotherly love will follow, and in those lodges where there is good fellowship.