District Consolidation Meeting – Sunday January 22, beginning at 1:30 pm

Committee Meeting

Using Grand Lodge guidance, the District Deputies, and members of the Past Grand Lodge Officers in Columbia, Dutchess, and Greene-Ulster Districts have scheduled a meeting to continue progress in the development of the district consolidation process, which began in 2015 with discussions among the then District Deputies and others of Columbia, Dutchess, and Greene-Ulster.

In doing so, they are fulfilling a primary responsibility assigned to active and past Grand Lodge Officers, namely development of district leaders.   Sustained dialogue has resulted in the need to organize and begin work required for the efficient, and successful transition from the current three-district organization to a consolidated form should the Brethren in the Lodges of these districts  agree to consolidate.

The meeting is open to all Brothers in the three districts, who are invited to pose the questions they need answers for in order to make their decisions about the future organization of districts.

The agenda will include progress reports since the last meeting, the consideration and hopefully adoption of a transition plan committee structure with volunteers for each to identify tasks and begin work.   W:.R:. Tim Smith, of the “Old 17th” , a recently consolidated district will be on hand to describe the experience he and his Brother completed as they facilitated the consolidate process.

Currently, the meeting procedure will follow an organization of two groups:  (1) Present and past Grand Lodge Officers, and (2) other Brothers who wish to follow the process and pose questions.  Members of Group I will describe process in each District, including the “Old 17th” and will entertain the transition plan draft currently being circulated then consider and possible adopt the committees identified in the plan.  During the process description, members of Group II will observe. After progress considerations, members of Group I will become the observers as members of Group II pose questions and offer opinions and suggestions.